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Double eyelid plasty+canthus plasty 

Xiao Yue  Student  Age 20 

  Xiao Yue has a small dissymmetry eyes, the single eyelid has effect on her appearence, so she decided to change her eyes in Hanfei plastic surgery hospital, after change, she attended Hanfei 4th super star beauty eyes activity and won the prize 


  Before and after 


  Symptom:Dissymmetry eyes、out of spirit eyes 

  Beauty scheme:Double eyelid plasty+canthus plasty 

  After change effect:eyes larger、light and spirit eyes 


  1 Consulting before surgery 

  Xiao Yue is trouble with small single eyes, she consults with doctor, the doctor analysize her situation and customize suitable scheme for her 

  communicating surgery scheme 

  2 Physical examination 

  Before surgery,  nurse help her do physical examination, draw blood and measure pressure, after made an oppointment of the surgery , Xiao Yue is looking forward for changing 

  physical examination 

  3 Marking the eyes surgery line 

  After going into surgery room, doctor help Xiao Yue design surgery line according her face contouring


 marking the surgery line 

  4 In operation 

  Doctors perform surgery according customized scheme, Xiao Yue didn't feel pain 

 In operation 


  Before and after 


  After surgery photo:

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