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Home > Revision Surgery > Prosthesis Removal > Attention and nursing care before and after removal of prost

Preoperative required

1. Do not take aspirin-containing drugs within two weeks before operation;
2. Patients with high blood pressure and diabetes should inform the doctor of their condition in detail during the first visit so that the doctor can determine the operation plan.
3. Check preoperative physical health, no infectious diseases or other physical inflammation.
4. Inform the doctor the position of the incision line of the first operation before operation.
5. Women need to avoid menstruation.
6. Do not take anti-inflammatory drugs before surgery to avoid the occurrence of massive bleeding during the operation.

Postoperative care

Day 1-Day3   Severe swelling period

Recovery tip: the breast will be bandaged under pressure after the operation, so that the lacunae of the breast heal and disappear as soon as possible.
Nursing methods:
1. Pay attention to keep the incision clean, avoid water, in case of postoperative infection;
2. Try to rest about a week; if there are more activities using the upper arm, another 2-3 weeks of rest is needed to maintain the effect of recovery. 
Day4-Day6    Rapid detumescence period

Recovery tips: nipples can be maintained by lifting method(hold down the skin around the nipple with one hand and pull the nipple with the other hand, twice a day) to prevent nipples from sinking, and to speed up chest recovery. Go back to the hospital for stitches removal about 7 days after the removal of the prosthesis.
Nursing methods:
1. To pay attention to the maintenance of the chest, and the appropriate amount of exercise, but not to move the upper arm, so as not to affect the healing of the incision;
2. Avoid sex to facilitate chest recovery within a month after removal.
Day7    Remove the stitches

Recovery tips: remove stitches in the hospital in the 7th day (according to the doctor's advice due to different surgical methods).
Nursing methods:
1. Keep the wound clean to prevent infection.
2. No water on the wound within 24 hours after removal of thread;
3. Do not rub the wound, but smear scar ointment to desalinate scar;
4. Pay attention to have light diet, but no fasting spicy and irritant food.
Day8-Day15    Duration of swelling reduction

Recovery tip: Can recover completely, and have no external scar basically in 1 month.
Nursing methods: avoid eating spicy and seafood foods.
Day16-Day30   Tissue recovery period

Recovery tip: The effect is stable, and the wound scar is reduced.
Nursing method: Massage of the breast should be prohibited within 3 months after operation to avoid affecting the adhesion and growth of the capsule layer in the lacunae of the original prosthesis, leading to chest injury, bleeding and other phenomena
Day31-Day90   Stable effect period

Recovery tips: Go to the hospital to check 3 months after removal. Doctors will judge whether the prosthesis will be implanted again according to the patient's physical condition.
Nursing methods: normal activities can be carried out.
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