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Home > Revision Surgery > Scar Removal > Surgical removal of scar

  Surgical removal of scar is for the degree of more serious concave scar, atrophic scar and hypertrophic scar, through surgery to remove. However, any surgical method can not completely remove the scar, but to a great extent to improve or correct the harm caused by the scar, and may form new scar after the operation. That is, surgery can only desalinate and reduce the scar, can not play a role in  complete elimination.

Taboo crowd

Those with cicatricial constitution; Inflammatory skin disease; Blood diseases or abnormal coagulation mechanism; Mentally ill or with various mental disorders; Have severe diabetes or heart and lung disease and severe hypertension.

Can surgical scar removal eliminate scar completely?

Surgical scar removal is to reduce the original scar to the original state before the scar appears. It is impossible to completely remove the scar. It can only be desalinated, because the skin will heal after the operation and form a new scar. Scar is different according to the cause and depth of the operation, affecting the degree of difficulty and results.

What risk does the surgical scar removal have?

Some adverse reactions may occur in surgical treatment of scars:

1. Infection: infection and poor wound healing may occur at the site of operation. 

2. Local hematoma: may cause facial skin soft tissue injury, bleeding, hematoma and so on;

3. Scar hyperplasia: surgical incision may be linear indentation or scar hyperplasia. Once abnormal scar is found, it is advisable to go to a regular hospital for local repairing after the scar is stabilized for 3-6 months after the operation.

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