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Home > Face Plasty > Face Filling > Apple Muscle Filling > FAQ about apple muscle filling
1.     Q: Is apple muscle filling surgery safe or not?
A: Hanfei always uses high-level equipment and experienced professional doctors to do the operation, numerous customer have had successful apple muscle filling operation in our hospital, and even more customers come for word of mouth.
2.     Q: How much is the apple muscle filling surgery?
A: The price may vary a little based on the method you choose, but we will offer you the best price after suitable scheme is chosen for you.
3.         Q: Is it painful to do the apple muscle filling?
A: Hanfei always puts customer’s interest first, we’ll injective method to do the surgery, and little pain or even no pain will you feel during the surgery.
4.     Q: How long is the operation hour for apple muscle filling surgery?
A: It depends on the surgical method you choose, but it usually takes half an hour to finish.
5.     Q: How long does it take to recover from apple muscle filling surgery?
A: Since it’s performed by injection, no recovery period is needed.
6.     Q: How long can the apple muscle filling last?
A: Different person has different lasting effect for apple muscle filling and we suggest repeated injection of hyaluronic acid and  to achieve a longer and intensified effect, and the fat filling can last life-long time.
7.      Q: Will there be any swelling after apple muscle filling surgery?
A: There maybe a little swollen symptom right after the operation, and you can apply ice compress to the swollen part, and it will disappear within one or two days.
8.     Q: Q: Is there any sequala or complications after the apple muscle filling surgery?
A: The injecting material is always certified in safety, outer package could be taken away for verification if you want.
9.     Q: Will the result look natural?
A: Injective filling is always the best when it comes to natural result, as the material will not cause rejection action from our body.
10.  Q: How do I know whether I am fitted for apple muscle filling?
A: We suggest you come to our hospital in person, we have professional pre-surgery consultants to answer all your questions, and our doctors will make a personal scheme suitable for you based on your own condition.
11.  Q: What should I pay attention to before the apple muscle filling operation?
A: Prior to apple muscle filling operation, Women should avoid their periods to do apple muscle filling surgery, do not drink alcohol, smoke cigarette or take medicine like aspirin or medicines containing aspirin, or any medicine that activates blood circulation since two weeks prior to the operation.
12.   Q: What should I pay attention to after the apple muscle filling operation?
A: After surgery, customers should avoid expressive facial expression within two weeks. Do not rub against the injected part heavily. Avoid strenuous exercises and avoid eating spicy foods. Eating more fruits and vegetables is suggested.

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