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Home > Face Plasty > Face Filling > Cheek Filling > Make the facial curve more beautiful after cheek filling
The sunken of the cheeks and the thin of the face give people a feeling of malnutrition,
which makes the image greatly discounted. The cheek depression is more because of
the age, the cheek depression and emaciation are not only look lack of spirit, but also
older than their peers. Face shape is improved by cheek, temporal and forehead filling,
and the face is younger.

Cheek filling is an effective way to improve the depressed cheeks by medical plastic
surgery. Usually, non-surgical injection is used to fill the depressed cheeks, so that the
cheeks are full and full. It can also improve the shape of the face at the same time.

一.Injection of hyaluronic acid cheek filling is to inject hyaluronic acid into the part that
need to be filled by injection. Without surgery, it will be effective immediately, no recovery
period. It will not affect the work and life after injection, the effect is natural. However,
the form maintained by hyaluronic acid is not durable and repeated injections are required,
so it is common to only fill a small part of the cheek during cheek filling surgery.

二.Autologous fat transplantation is a surgical method that extracts some fat from the
fat rich parts of the patient (such as the abdomen, buttock, thigh or upper arm, etc.),
forms pure fat particles after special treatment, and implants the defective parts that
need to be changed to improve the shape of the facial pits.

The advantages of autologous fat cheek filling
(1) No surgery, which is a good news for those who are afraid of surgery
(2) Autologous fat does not produce rejection reaction because it is its own thing, so the
safety factor is high.
(3) The amount of fat implantation on the face is not very large, which reduces the liquefaction
rate of fat and ensures the surgical effect.
(4) The transplanted autologous fat was injected into the lower layer of facial skin, so there
will be no uneven situation after the surgery
(5) There is no need for recovery period. Friends at work can do it, do not need special care.

Effect of cheek filling
After cheek filling, the facial curve is more beautiful. It can improve the facial defects such
as cheek depression, cheek asymmetry, chin over-pointed, cheek droop, etc. The effect
of cheek  filling on face shape also exists. Cheek filling is also used to improve face shape. 
The effect of cheek filling depends on the specific situation of the individual.

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