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Home > Face Plasty > Face Contouring > Chin Augmentation > FAQ about Chin Augmentation
1 What is the methods of Chin Augmentation ?
There are two methods of chin augmentation, one is injected chin augmentation,  other is autologous fat chin augmentation
2 Injected chin augmentation is good or not ?
Injected chin augmentation is a simple and fast way to shape chin, and injecting hyaluronic acid will not leave a scar, it is safe, not influence life and work, no pain
3 What is the advantage of Injected Chin Augmentation ?
A Injected chin augmentation could change the bad chin shape
B The effect is natural and fast, no swelling, no pain, no need time to recover
C It is safe, hyaluronic acid made from biological tissue, could be absorbable by body, no rejection
4 How much of chin augmentation ?
Chin Augmentation could not confirm the exact price, different people have different chin shape, each people want to shape different kind chin, so price is different, it is determined by surgery way and different doctors
5 Chin Augmentation is safe or not ?
HANFEI hospital has international standard operating room, he airborne dust particles are filtered and disinfected, so that the bacteria can not be transmitted. The air is clean, the surgical infection rate is reduced to zero, it is safe
6 What is the advantage of Autologous Fat Chin Augmentation ?
Extracting fat from part of body, for example, thigh, hip and abdomen, and then wash, filter and purified, then inject the fat cell to chin. It is safe and no rejection
7 Who suitable for chin augmentation ?
People who no have chin, wide chin, long chin and asymmetry chin
8 Chin Augmentation is safe or not ?
Chin augmentation cutting the bone or injected hyaluronic to shape sharp chin, doing surgery in regular hospital, it will not have side effects
9 How long of the surgery time ?
Autologous fat chin augmentation take about 1 hour, injected chin augmentation take about 15 minutes
10 what do I need to pay attention after surgery ?
Eating fruit and vegetable after surgery 3-5 days, it will be swelling within 5-15 days, eating light food, after surgery 15-30 days, swelling will disappear, could eat nutritious food

11 It will leave a scar or not after surgery?
Chin augmentation has developed rapidly, if go to regular hospital and choose professional doctors, it will not leave a scar

12 What is chin augmentation ?
Chin also called as jaw in medically. Chin Augmentation mainly revise all kinds of deformity jaw, it includes too long chin,retruded chin,wide chin,deviated chin and so on. Short chin could inject prothesis to improve, other chin charateristics could revise by surgery.

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