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Home > Skin Beauty > Anti-acne Treatment > Coarse Pores > FAQ about Coarse Pores
1. Why do pores get rough and coarse?
Pores filled with dirts caused by vigorous secretion of grease, loose aging skin caused by skin's lack of water, skin over-stimulation caused by acnes squeezing, use of irritating cosmetics and drugs and bad living habits like staying up late and smoking can all lead to coarse pores.

2. Why do pores get coarse once I squeeze my acnes?
Excessive squeezing of acnes and pimples can cause rupture of epidermis. Once the dermis is damaged, it will lack lose its regenerative function, which makes it difficult to produce new cells, but will leave scars and coarse pores on the skin.

3. What are the symptoms of coarse pores?
Generally there are three kinds of coarse pores, including the ones due to aged cutin, the ones due to excessive oil secretion and the ones due to moisture lacking.
As for coarse pores due to aged cutin, there will be round and poriform acnes in black or white, and sometimes with acne protrusions in the pores.
For the ones due to excessive oil secretion, the pores enlarge in U shape, meanwhile the skin is dark, yellow and dull.  
And the last one is the coarse pores due to moisture lacking. They tend to be oval pores with more obvious skin texture.  

4. Are there any methods to prevent pores from getting more coarse?
Yes, absolutely! The following methods can be helpful.
a. Moisture supplement can balance skin's ratio of water and oil and improve skin texture, making skin more moisturized, pores refined and skin more firm.
b. Apply cool towel or ice on the face can reduce oil secretion, and help refine pores, and firm and lift the skin.
c. Apply a mask on the face to supply skin with moisture and shrink pores.
d. Ensure a good rest and balanced diet. Don't stay up late or eat any fried foods. Have more fruits and vegetables.
e. It is a good choice for you to use skin care products that contain plant ingredients such as aloe, marigold and oat.

5. Is firming lotion a great help for coarse pores?
To some extent, firming lotion can be used to improve pores, but coarse pores can't be thoroughly cured by it. To effectively refine the pores, you still need to restrain the oil secretion of skin and clear the channels for hair follicles.

6. Do I just have to take oil control work during the day?
No. In fact, the traditional Chinese medicine thinks that the oil on people's surface skin's during the day is secreted by the sebaceous glands at night. Therefore, it is necessary to carry out targeted nursing at night so as to better control the oil on the surface skin during the day.

7. Is oily skin not required to use night cream?
That's not true. Actually there are many kinds of night cream and not all of them are greasy. Generally, people of oily skin are prone to have coarse pores, and so they are supposed to use night specific skincare products so as to solve the problem that sebaceous glands are more active at night.

8. Are there any medical treatment methods to thoroughly treat coarse pores?
a. Laser treatment. With laser of different wavelengths radiating on the skin, the laser treatment can stimulate hyperplasia and rearrangement of the subcutaneous collagen by selective photothermal effect. This can not only block the growth of bacteria, but also make skin more firm, elastic and shiny after rearrangement of the subcutaneous tissue. 
b. Skin Brightening by Tartaric Acid, Ultracel Treatment and Water Needle Injection can also effectively improve coarse pores.
9. Will pores refinement by laser pose any damage to skin?
No, it won’t cause any damage to skin. Besides shrinking pores, it can stimulate hyperplasia and rearrangement of the subcutaneous collagen, only making skin more firm, elastic and shiny.

10. Is the effect of pores refinement by laser permanent?
No, it’s not permanent. But it can last for a quite long period, the duration of which depends on personal physical condition and maintenance.  
11. How many times of treatment does laser take to completely refine the coarse pores?
Actually it's unlikely to thoroughly refine the coarse pores by just once of treatment. Probably 4 to 6 times of treatment is needed. But specifically, it depends on individual skin condition.
12. How long does it take to refine the coarse pores by laser?
Just 20 minutes for each treatment.
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