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Home > Skin Beauty > Color Spot removal > Cafe-au-lait Spots > FAQ about Cafe-au-lait Spots
1. What kind of birthmarks could be cafe-au-lait spots?
The kind of color spot patch, which is dark brown or light brown looking like the color with milk in the coffee, with clear boundary and diameter greater than 0.2cm, is called cafe-au-lait spots.
If its diameter is less than 0.2cm, we suspect it as freckle or other color spots.
2. Why are there cafe-au-lait spots
Its existence has a great relationship with heredity, excessive ultraviolet radiation, endocrine imbalance and bad living habits.
3. Will cafe-au-lait spots disappear by themselves?
Cafe-au-lait spots in lighter color, especially the physiological ones, may gradually fade or even disappear with age, while pathological cafe-au-lait spots will not vanish by themselves, but they can be removed by laser. 
4. What are the common locations of cafe-au-lait spots?
It may appear anywhere of the body except the palm and the sole of the foot. It commonly appear on the abdomen, front chest, back and buttocks, and can also on the upper arms and thighs. The less common areas are the face, neck, shanks and forearms.
5. Is cafe-au-lait spots an infectious disease? 
It is a hereditary skin pigmentation disorder, but they are not 100% genetic.
6. When is it better to treat cafe-au-lait spots?
Well, the earlier, the better. That’s because the younger you are, the better absorption your body will have. And the less pigment granules you have, the more ideal treatment effect you'll get.
Besides, the treatment difficulty and the treatment cost will rise as the area of the spots gets larger and the color deeper as you grow up.
7. Does it hurt severely if I take cafe-au-lait spots removal by laser?
After the laser treatment of cafe-au-lait spots, there will be slight burning sensation and slight redness of skin in the treatment area, which is a normal reaction. If necessary, take 10 to 15 minutes of local cold compress to relieve or eliminate the redness and heating.
8. What are the advantages of removing cafe-au-lait spots by laser?
a. Laser treatment of cafe-au-lait spots is more accurate and targeted which does not damage other skin. It still has obvious effect on eyelid.
b. Laser treatment can not only remove facial defects, but also improve skin quality by whitening skin and eliminating fine wrinkles.
c.  Laser treatment requires no hospitalization with small incision, no bleeding during surgery, light trauma and no scar.
9. Will there be any scar left after removing cafe-au-lait spots by laser?
Laser treatment is highly safe. if you're not scar constitution, no scar will be caused generally and normal physiological function will not be affected.

10. How many times of laser treatment does it take to completely remove cafe-au-lait spots?
It generally requires 2 to 6 times of laser treatment to entirely remove the spots with the treatment interval of 2 to 3 months.  
11. Will the treatment effect of cafe-au-lait spots rebound?
cafe-au-lait spots removal by laser is a kind of spot removal treatment that can directly reach the nidus. An ideal effect can be achieved without rebounce as long as your take the treatment based on the course of treatment in coordination with the doctor and receive postoperative nursing.
12. How to prevent cafe-au-lait spots from appearing? 
a. Take more Vitamin C and Vitamin E as Vitamin C can not only inhibit the formation of melanin, but also have the effect of redox. Large amount of Vitamin C can make oxidized pigments in deep color gradually restored to lighter colors or even colorlessness.
b. Have heat insulation. Take a sun umbrella with you or wear a sun hat when going out.
c. Choose appropriate skin care products and refuse to use inferior cosmetics.
d. Get enough sleep every day.
e. Women should pay special attention to maintenance during their menstruation, eating more food that helps to excrete blood stasis in the uterus.
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