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Home > Eye Plasty > Eye Beauty > Double Eyelids > DOs and DON'Ts after eyelids surgery
DOs and DON'Ts after eyelids surgery
1. Use the antibiotic medicine for 3-5 days
2. The first 1-3 days may be painful to some extent, but it will be relieved gradually, so no need to have painkillers. Do not have  aspirin which may increase bleeding at the wound.  If too painful, red swelling, you'd better contact doctor, not deal it by yourself.
3. Come back to the hospital to change some medicine the next day after surgery;
4. Keep the operation area clean. Do not touch water for the first 7 days. If there is blood scab, extravasated blood or secreta, please use the cotton swab to wipe it out gentlely;
5. In order to pretect from bleeding,extravasated blood or hematomas,it is better to use ice compress for the first 48 hours. 15-20 minutes/time.  The ice compress should be kept in refrigerator. When taking out from refrigerator, please do away with the water; put the gauze under ice compress to pretect the eyelids from ice compress water. 
6. You can open and close your eyes the next day after surgery. Opening and closing eyes exercise is beneficial for recovery. 
7. It will probably be swelling for the first days, especiall for the first 4-5 days. For totally recovery, it takes 1-3 months. 
8. For diet, you can have more protein, vegetables, fruits. But DO NOT have Spicy food, sea food, beef, mutton, vinegar, soy sauce, alcohol, smoking. DO NOT use medicine that promoting blood circulation;
9.  During sleeping, it is better to use a higher pillow. 
10. Come back to hospital to change medicine, for check and removing stiches according to doctor's advice. 
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