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Home > Eye Plasty > Eye Beauty > Eye Fat Removal > release of orbital septum fat

   Removal of eye bags while filling lacrimal grooves, rejuvenate eye periphery. No extracted fat, not easy to rebound, obvious and lasting the effect. Repair the loose eyelid of all layers of tissue, smooth eyelid and cheek groove; It will not appear depression phenomenon resulting from excessive fat removal. For those who have already appeared depression, can also be well repaired.

Will there be sequelae after the release of orbital septum fat?
The common adverse problem after surgery is that excessive removal of lower eyelid tissue causes lower eyelid ectropion, which is generally recovered gradually.

Does the incision leave scar after operation?
The incision line of the fat release operation of the orbital septum is very small, and there may be red marks within 2 weeks after the operation. Generally, after a period of time, the scar will be basically returned to normal without leaving scar, even if scar is formed, it is usually not easy to notice.

Will it rebound?
It’s not easy to rebound within 3-4 years after the surgery in general. Additionally, the rebound is related to the specific operation. For example, for orbital septum fat herniated pouch, whether to fold and tighten the orbital septum suture is very important. Of course, what kind of technique is used depends on the specific situation.

How long can I recover after operation?
Remove the stitches on 5-7 days ; bruising yellow and eliminate on 10-14 days or so , the basic recovery of natural effects on 1 month .

Does it need to wear sunglasses after the operation?
Yes. To prevent intense light exposure during wound healing and stimulation of the eyes. Besides, the skin in the surgical incision should avoid ultraviolet radiation within half a year after operation to avoid pigmentation. 

  Preoperative Reading 
   · 1. If there is conjunctivitis, blepharositis, severe sandhole, must be cured before the surgery. Ophthalmic inflammation patients should suspend the surgery, take the drop of antibiotics eye drops one day before the surgery.
   · 2. Patients with a history of bleeding tendency should check platelets and clotting time.
   · 3. In middle and old patients, blood pressure and electrocardiogram should be measured when necessary.
   · 4. General examination, all laboratory tests, especially attention to the tendency to haemorrhage; women avoid menstrual.

 5. 7-10 days before the surgery, anticoagulants such as steroid hormones and aspirin must be stopped.

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