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Home > Breast Plasty > Breast Augmentation > Injective Breast Augmentation > What is Injective breast augmentation?
It is the most proud thing for women that have the plump and straight chest.  Injective breast augmentation
is one of the methods for breast augmentation. It is a simple and short-term method of breast augmentation
at present, which is a kind of micro-plastic.
Injective breast augmentation is based on the principle of injection filling material. It is gradually filled with
hyaluronic acid into the syringe in a small amount. Therefore, it is necessary to use a special needle to inject
under the mammary gland (between the mammary gland and the big pectoral muscle) or subcutaneously. It’s
the breast enhancement method refers to inject the colorless transparent gelatinous hyaluronic acid into the
chest to create a full breast. The hyaluronic acid for injection is a purified component. After injection, it will fuse
with the original hyaluronic acid in the body, the skin will swell, and the chest will rise. The excellent advantage
is recognized by many women.
The advantages of injective breast augmentation also include the advantages of hyaluronic acid. Hyaluronic acid
is milder and safer than other breast augmentation materials. It is well known that hyaluronic acid is a substance
present in the dermis layer of the human body and is very natural. it is an ideal breast augmentation material and
will not produce any rejection reaction, minimal damage, and extremely low side effects after injection in the human
body. Hyaluronic acid injective breast augmentation is the safest and most comfortable method of breast enhancement 
 currently. The component of hyaluronic acid is a component contained in the body. It  has high safety and does not
have to worry about allergies.
1.No surgery, 30 minutes to complete, natural, relaxed, immediate effect;
2.No need for general anesthesia, good safety, almost no pain;
3.No need to be hospitalized, leave immediately after completion, not affect normal work and life;
4.Use the most popular material hyaluronic acid, mature and safe.
5.The effect is more natural than other breast augmentation surgery, after the hyaluronic acid injective breast
augmentation, the feel is real, the shape is beautiful
1. People who want to make their chest bigger;
2. People who have rejection of surgical breast augmentation prostheses;
3. People don’t want to leave traces of wounds;
4. People with fast rhythm of daily life and little time to recover;
5. People who pursue quality life, demand true and nature.

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