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Home > Skin Beauty > Skin Rejuvenation > Laser Hair Removal > FAQ about Laser Hair Removal
1. How soon can I take a shower after laser hair removal?
You can take a bath in 24 hours after laser hair removal. But you should not take the shower in hot water, and do not use shower gel or other cleaning products when bathing.
2. Is laser hair removal have the same effect for everyone and all parts of the body? 
No, it doesn’t. The number of hair removal depends on the color and thickness of hair and the type of skin. Usually, the parts with whiter skin, and blacker and thicker hair will have better effect.
3. Does the remaining hair after laser hair removal become blacker and thicker ?
The remaining hair after laser or intense light treatment will but become thinner and lighter, while those who remove their hair by shaving, pulling, depilatory cream or wax sheet will thicken and blacken their hair.
4. Is laser hair removal suitable for everybody?
No, it doesn’t suit for the following group of people:
a. People of scar constitution or with sensitivity or allergy to light.
b. People of dark complexion.
c. People who have conducted hair removal by wax or cloth in the recent 6 weeks.
d. Female in their menstruation or pregnancy period, aged people or people underage.
e. People with ulcerated infection in their depilatory area and people who are mentally ill.
5. Does laser hair removal affect perspiration?
No, it doesn't. Perspiration mainly relies on sweat glands of which the opening mouth does not in the hair follicles. Meanwhile laser hair removal can remove the hair follicles without damaging the sweat glands, so it does not affect the metabolism and sweating function of the body.
6. Which is the best season for laser hair removal?
Actually hair can be removed in every season.  
7. Is it safe to have laser hair removal?
Yes, it’s safe as our laser hair removal equipment applies the selective photothermy effect to remove hair. That is, specific laser wavelength only acts on the melanin in the hair follicles, not on the melanin in the skin's base layer, so normal skin tissue will not be damaged. But you're advised to receive laser hair removal at a regular beauty institute. 

8. Why does it take so many times to completely remove hair?
There are three stages of hair growth, including growing phase, stationary phase and degenerative phase. Laser takes greater effect on the hair in growing phase because hair follicles in this period contain a number of pigment granules which can well absorb laser energy, while it takes weaker effect on the hair in stationary and degenerative phases. So hair can not be completely removed by laser by just one time, but requiring several times of treatment so as to achieve the permanent effect of hair removal.
9. How many times does it take to completely remove hair by laser?
3 to 6 times generally.
10. Can I eat spicy food after laser hair removal?
No, you can’t. Since your skin will become extremely fragile after laser hair removal, you should not have any irritant food such as chili, pepper and garlic as they can cause allergic reaction to the skin after hair removal, and you'd better eat less black food such as soy sauce and coffee to avoid pigmentation of melanin.
11. Do I need to add moisture to the skin after laser hair removal?
Due to the lack of water in the skin after hair removal, it is recommended that you use the moisturizing series of skin care products to increase water content in the cuticle, repair the surface skin, rebuild the skin barrier, and make skin anti-irritant and anti-inflammatory.
12. Does the skin require ice compress after laser hair removal?
Yes, it does. With the application of high energy to the skin, laser hair removal may cause skin redness, mild edema or skin damage which requires ice compress. Moreover, laser hair removal can also stimulate the expansion of pores, and ice compress can help refine the pores.
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