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Home > Rhinoplasty > Nasal Beauty > Nosewing Plasty > FAQ about Nosewing Plasty
1 What is nosewing plasty ?
Most Asian nasal ala is too large,the face will look clumsy , Nasal ala reduction rhinoplasty could reduce the width of nasal ala, reshape 3D nose
2 How to make nosewing plasty ?
A Reducing Nasal Ala Tissue
Resecting bottom skin of nose, gathering the nasal ala after suture, the tangent line placed bwtween nasal ala and face, the scar is not obvious
B Sewing Gather Inner Nasal Ala
Making a small incision on the bottom of nostril, suturing with special line, the scars is not obvious
3 What is different of rhinoplasty and nose jobs ?
Rhinoplasty is high up slow nose bridge, nose jobs is that customize nose shape according personal characteristics, shaping nasal tip, nose bridge and nostril to form natural effect
4 What is difficulty of tipplasty ?
Nasal tip not have a skeletal base compared with nasal bridge, there is soft tissue on tip. it is difficult to control potency dimension
5 Who suitable for nasal tip plasty ?
• Bulbous tip
• Nose tip is droopy compared to the bridge
• Short tip causing nose to look upturned
• Long tip which is off-balance
6 How to make nasal tip plasty ?
Nasal tip rhinoplasty is not a single surgery. it is flexible, doctors need to apply different methods.Hanfei Nasal Tip Locking Technique design personal scheme according different nose situation, by moving up or moving down nasal tip point to reshap a straight and charming nose
7 What is side effect of Rhinoplasty?
We will help you do health examination before rhinoplasty, our hospital doctors have abundant experience, will customize suitable surgery for you , and the material is guaranteed, nose is swelling after surgery, it is normal, and it will recover well after a week, you could go to work after recovery, no side effect
8 How long my nose recover well ?
Recovery time vary with the rate of surgery complication, normally take out stitches after surgery 5-7 days, reducing swelling need one month, but for body rejection, it vary with different people, some people need 3 months to half years with recovery
9 Does it will leave a scar after surgery ?
Most of rhinoplasty not leave a scar, because rhinoplasty is from inside, so the scar is invisible
10 Why my nose is swelling after surgery ?
When the nose height is higher than your nose limit, blood circulation is abnormal, and the nose will be swelling, so not just pursuing nose height when do rhinoplasty, if this situation occur, we could revise it by surgery
11 The nose bridge is easy collapse or not after rhinoplasty?
Nose is not weak after rhinoplasty, but it will collapse when striked ,rhinoplasty is not influence the durability of the nose
12 Could I wear glass after rhinoplasty ?
It is not advised to wear glass before nose fixation, because the nose is easy shifting normally, it could not wear glass within 3-4 weeks after rhinoplasty

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