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Home > Non-invasive Beauty > Injective Contouring > Stovepipe Needle > FAQ about the Stovepipe Needle
1. Does it hurt if I take the Stovepipe Needle?
There will not be obvious pain during the injection, which is just like the feeling of being bitten by a mosquito, and you won’t feel any pain after the injection.
2. How long can the effect of the Stovepipe Needle last?
Generally, it takes effect in 1 week to 1 month after the injection, and has the best effect in 1 month to 3 months after the injection. It lasts for about 6 months as botx is normally metabolized in the body within 6 to 8 months.
3. How is the Stovepipe Needle carried out?
Mark the injection points first, usually marking 2 to 3 points on both sides of the legs. Then 0.2 to 0.3 ml of injection materials will be operated at each point. Since the injection capacity is minimal, there is no abnormality on the appearance of legs. Usually 100 units of injection is conducted each time.
4. Will there be any scar left after the Stovepipe Needle?
No, there won’t be any scar caused because there isn’t any surgery taken.  
5. How much does the Stovepipe Needle costs?
Its cost depends upon individual situation. The size of muscles, injection quantity and the requirements for the effect can all influence the total cost. In addition, different hospitals and experts can have an impact on it.

6. Does it take a long time to recover after the Stovepipe Needle?
No, it doesn’t. No recovery period is required as there is no need for a surgery and thus no wound will be caused.
7. Is it safe to take the Stovepipe Needle?
Yes, it is. Although botx is one of the most toxic biological , its injection dosage on the legs is very low with the average dosage of no more than 100 u used each time. It will not lead to death until it's used more than 2000 u each time. So it is safe in the application on the legs in terms of toxicity.
8. Why smoking and drinking shall be avoided after the Stovepipe Needle?
That's because the Stovepipe Needle is of certain biological activity while tobacco and alcohol stimulation can affect the drug absorption and influence the activity. In addition, skin of the legs will be affected after the injection as drinking will aggravate the skin's redness.

9. Will it develop drug resistance with multiple times injection of the Stovepipe Needle to maintain the beauty effect since one time of injection can solely make the effect last for a short period?
The drug resistance of botx is mainly related to these factors: repeated and frequent injection in a short period of time, one-time injection of large amount and individual differences.
If you're often injected with a lot of botx in a short period, you will naturally develop drug resistance in your body, and beauty effect will get poorer and poorer.
In general, after being injected with 3 successive rounds of botx, muscles will have atrophy to a certain extent, keeping the beauty effect longer. Then it's the good time to stop the injection for a period of time. Since botx cannot be injected many times in a short term, there's not the statement of drug resistance.
10. Will there be stiff legs after receiving the Stovepipe Needle?
If there’s such situation, it’s usually caused by the operator's error, or because of excessive injection, or due to improper postoperative nursing care.
About the postoperative nursing care after the Stovepipe Needle injection, you should follow the following advice:
a. Within three days, it is necessary for one to keep the injection points away from water to avoid infection.
b. Within one month, one should avoid eating seafood, spicy and stimulating food. It is much better to eat some light food for postoperative recovery.
c. After the injection, one may feel that the lower leg is slightly weak, which is a normal situation. Generally, it will be improved about one month after the injection.
d. In order to make the legs recover as soon as possible, one shall take more rest and avoid long time of shopping or walking.
e. After the injection, one should avoid squeezing or pressing the injection sites so as not to affect the effect.
11. Is
the Stovepipe Needle harmful to human body?
As the injection materials of the Stovepipe Needle, botx is not metabolized by the liver, only acting on local muscles, so serious adverse reaction on the whole body rarely appear. Safety can be guaranteed if you go to a professional and regular cosmetic institute to have injection with regular medication used.
12. What are the advantages of the Stovepipe Needle?
It has the characteristics of small injury, no trauma, quick effect, easy operation, low price and no impact on work. Compared with traditional chemical peeling, lifting, collagen injection, fat charging, or wrinkle removal by small incision, its whole process takes only a few minutes without pain.

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