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Home > Skin Beauty > Anti-acne Treatment > Ultracel > FAQ about Ultracel
1. How long does the Ultracel treatment take?
 About 60 minutes.
2. Does it hurt if I receive the Ultracel treatment?
People who are more sensitive to pain will have a little bit feeling of needle prick which is acceptable.
3. Will there be any scar just like“holes”on the face after receiving the Ultracel treatment?
Since the needles of Ultracel we use are very thin, there will be only tiny wounds that are hard to be seen and will be healed soon. So there won't be any "hole" left on your face.
4. How soon can the Ultracel treatment come into effect?
It will take effect in about 2 months after the treatment. Many skin problems can be obviously improved after one treatment course (3-6 times) . But it still depends as effects can be varied for different parts.  
5. Does the Ultracel treatment have the same effect on skin firming as thermage and ultrasound knife do?
Yes, they all can firm the skin ultimately, which is realized by heating the tissue. But since everyone's skin condition differs from one another, different ways of heating should be used. 
For example, Ultracel may have better anti-wrinkle effect than thermage, yet as for skin firming in a deeper level, thermage would be better.
6. Which group of people is most suitable for the Ultracel treatment?
Those who have loose skin, large pores, dark skin, wrinkles, acnes, acne marks, scars or stretch marks, etc.
7. How long can the effect of the Ultracel treatment last for?
It generally lasts for 2 to 3 years.
8. Who are unsuitable for the Ultracel treatment?
a. Pregnant women.
b. People who are allergic or sensitive to light and those who have used light sensitive drugs (retinoic acid, tetracycline, etc.) within the recent half a month.
c. Those with high blood pressure or diabetes.
d. Those with long-term use of certain psychotropic substances .
e. Those taking antiphlogistic drugs or hypotensive drugs.
9. What are the advantages of the Ultracel treatment?
a. Short term of pain due to short time of surgery.
b. No postoperative effusion will occur because of tiny wounds.
c. High security. Short operation time can greatly reduce the risk for receivers of general anesthesia as dosage of the anesthetic is required less.
d. Quick effect and relatively short recovery period.
10. Will the Ultracel treatment pose any damage to skin?
Ultracel can avoid the heat damage to the epidermis as the tip of the needle penetrates directly into the dermis and directly transmit heat. The energy is directly applied to the dermis, avoiding the adverse reactions such as scabbing and pigmentation after treatment.
11. How many times can the same part receive the Ultracel treatment?
The same part can only be treated once, but it can be treated again if no redness occurs. After receiving treatment for a period of time, the same part can be treated for 1 to 2 times with the interval of no less than 2 weeks.
12. How to have better nursing and caring after receiving the Ultracel treatment?
a. Avoid sun exposure after treatment as skin gets more delicate. Wear sunscreen before going out and do not use aspirin and alcohol (including alcohol-based cosmetics). Avoid squeezing, pressing, touching, or rubbing the treatment part.
b. Don't eat phototonus food (such as celery, leek, coriander, etc.) or photosensitive drugs during the treatment period. Those of sensitive skin should not have the food that will cause skin allergy.
c. The skin must be supplemented with adequate water and nutrients due to the accelerated skin metabolism.
d. Some patients should keep their parts dry and clean after receiving treatment.

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