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Home > Face Plasty > Face Contouring > V-Face Injection > FAQ about V-Face Injection
1. Does it I hurt if I take V-Face Injection?
There will not be obvious pain during the injection, which is just like the feeling of being bitten by a mosquito, and you won’t feel any pain after the injection.
2. Will the effect of V-Face Injection rebound?
No, it won’t. Under many circumstances, hypertrophy of masseters are caused by overuse of masticatory muscles, such as often chewing hard food or eating hard shell food. Strictly speaking, there is no permanent effect for V-Face Injection, not to mention rebound of it.
3. How long can the effect of V-Face Injection last?
Generally, it takes effect in 1 week to 1 month after the injection, and has the best effect in 1 month to 3 months after the injection. It lasts for about 6 months as botx is normally metabolized in the body within 6 to 8 months.
4. Where is the injection site for V-Face Injection?
The injection site is where the hypertrophy of masseters is as the injection is to mainly control the masseters. Masseters are rectangular muscles outside the ascending limbs of the mandible.
5. How is the V-Face Injection carried out?
Mark the injection points first, usually marking 2 to 3 points on both sides of the face. Then 0.2 to 0.3 ml of injection materials will be operated at each point.Since the injection capacity is minimal, there is no abnormality in the facial appearance. Usually 100 units of injection is conducted each time.
6. What are the considerations for the V-Face Injection?
Experts warn that chewing inability and ache can occur early after the injection. So hard shell food shall be avoided after the injection. Spicy food, seafood, smoking and alcohol should also be avoided within one week.
Moreover, the face is prohibited from facial massage, hot compress and kneading within one month. Because of chewing habits, there is still slight asymmetry between the two sides of the face after the injection.
7. Will there be any scar left after the V-Face Injection?
No, there won’t be any scar caused because there will not be any surgery taken.  
8. How much does the V-Face Injection costs?
Its cost depends upon individual situation. the size of masseters, injection quantity and the requirements for the effect can all influence the total cost.In addition, different hospitals and experts can have an impact on it.
9. Does it take a long time to recover after the V-Face Injection?
No, it doesn’t.No recovery period is required as there is no need for a surgery and thus no wound will be caused.
10. Is it safe to inject botx so as to achieve a V-Face effect?
Yes, it is.Although botx is one of the most toxic biological ,  its injection dosage on the face is very low with the average dosage of no more than 100 u used each time. It will not lead to death until it's used more than 2000 u each time. So it is safe in the application on the face in terms of toxicity.
11. Why hard food shall be avoided after V-Face Injection?
On the one hand, it affects chewing if hard food is eaten, while on the other hand, hard food eating can greatly affect the masseters, which can shorten the lasting time of the injection.
12. Why smoking and drinking shall be avoided after V-Face Injection?
That's because V-Face Injection is of certain biological activity, while tobacco and alcohol stimulation can affect the drug absorption and influence the activity. In addition, skin will be affected after the injection as drinking will aggravate the skin's redness.

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