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Home > Body Contouring > Lipofilling > Autologous Fat Apple Muscle Fi > FAQ about the Autologous Fat Apple Muscle Filling
1. Does it hurt if I take the Autologous Fat Apple Muscle Filling?
Anesthetics will be applied in the course of the surgery, so there won't be any pain during the surgery. And no obvious postoperative pain will be felt within 24 hours after the treatment as there will only be swelling pain on the surgical sites which generally lessens or vanishes in three days. So you don't need to worry about it.
2. Will the site of liposuction become uneven?
Many people worry that the liposuction site will become uneven after the liposuction. Yet this problem can be avoided as experienced doctors will elaborately design the liposuction area before the surgery and estimate the amount of liposuction. So you should communicate fully with the surgeon before the surgery to fully understand specific problems.  
3. Which part is better for fat extraction in terms of the Autologous Fat Apple Muscle Filling?
This can be associated with the higher fat survival rates in some part of the body. Generally speaking, the fat in the inner thighs, the waist and the abdomen is relatively better for the filling.
4. What are the advantages of the Autologous Fat Apple Muscle Filling?
a. It has small wound and faster recovery, and the general recovery can be achieved in 5-7 days.
b. Once the fat survives the body, it stays alive permanently.
c. Autogenous materials are highly safe, and are more acceptable psychologically.
5. What are the disadvantages of the Autologous Fat Apple Muscle Filling?
a. Only some of the fat can survive inside the body after being transplanted, and so another surgery is usually required to add more fat.  
b. As a surgery, it still causes certain extent of trauma which requires certain recovery period.  
6. Who are suitable for the Autologous Fat Apple Muscle Filling?
Those with apple muscle depression or sagging apple muscle.  
7. Is there any sequelae of the Autologous Fat Apple Muscle Filling?
No, there isn’t. Autologous fat is an ideal biological filling material which is safe and reliable with ideal effect.  
8. How long does it take to recover from the Autologous Fat Apple Muscle Filling?
Pinholes on the apple muscles will scab in 3 to 4 days after the filling and then normal cleaning can be taken. Scab shedding will be achieved in 5 to 7 days, and then the apple muscles completely recover.
9. How many times of the Autologous Fat Apple Muscle Filling does it take to achieve an ideal effect?
According to the differences of fat survival rate, it requires 2 to 3 times of the filling to achieve an ideal effect. Some people can get a good result by just one time of the filling while some people may get ideal effects after three times of it.
10. Can I extract enough fat at a time and store it in a refrigerator in preparation for the filling surgery next time?
Well, you are suggested to extract fresh fat each time you have the filling as the vitality of freezing fat is poorer than that of the fresh one. So unless you have limited fat in the fat supply area or you can’t accept another liposuction, you are supposed to extract fresh fat each time.   
11. What is the process of the Autologous Fat Apple Muscle Filling?
Apply anesthesia on the abdomen, waist or thighs and extract proper amount of fat from those parts. Then, mash the fat cells into tiny cells. Finally inject the cells to the apple muscles.
12. What are the preoperative considerations about the Autologous Fat Apple Muscle Filling?
a. Exclude surgical contraindications, such as hypertension and diabetes. 
b. There is no infection nidus at the surgical area.
c. Anti-coagulant drugs, blood-invigoration Chinese medicine and aspirin shall be prohibited or stopped half month before the surgery.
d. Ensure proper rest time. 
e. Female shall avoid their menstruation period.
f. Prepare a elastic garment for the liposuction parts.
g. If general anesthesia or combined anesthesia is applied, do not have food or water 6 hours before the surgery.
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