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Home > Eye Plasty > Eye Beauty > Black Eye Circles > laser removes black rim of eye

laser removes black rim of eye

Laser removal of dark circles belongs to non-surgical treatment. Using far-infrared long-pulse laser, the deep pigmentation of lower eyelid and orbit can be effectively dispersed, improving the skin metabolism and achieving the purpose of removing black rim of eye.


Program features


It can effectively solve the problem about the dark circles caused by many reasons.


Suitable for the crowd


Congenital melanin, or external factors to form the dark circles.


Taboo crowd

Those with scar constitution; those who are sensitive to light or have recently used light-sensitive drugs; those who have high blood pressure and diabetes; those with inflammation on the face; women who are pregnant.


Need to know before surgery

1. Avoid exposure to sunlight within 2 weeks before treatment.


2. Clean your face carefully before treatment and do not make up.


Postoperative care

0-3 days of redness and swelling period

Recovery hints: skin is red, swollen and tingling, local pigmentation is more obvious, tingling can gradually disappear on the same day or the next day.


Nursing methods: 1. Suitable ice compress after operation, continuous and frequent use of repair products; 2. Strict sunscreen, cold water to wash face, stop using irritating cosmetics; 3. No smoking, alcohol and spicy stimulating food.


Pigment aggravation period from 4 days to 7 days

Recovery hints: redness and swelling basically disappear, local pigmentation is more obvious, and non-invasive scab appears on the skin surface. There may be skin itching and redness sensitivity.A small number of people can have the reaction phenomenon of needle-like white-headed acne.


Nursing methods: 1. Within one month after treatment, it is necessary to pay attention to sunscreen and moisturizing continuously and avoid excessive outdoor sports.2. Use sunscreen tools, such as umbrellas, hats and masks, to shield ultraviolet rays when going out.


Stable period of effect from 8 days to 30 days

Recovery hints: redness and swelling subsiding, scab falling off, skin brightening, spot improvement.


Nursing methods: Pay attention to sunscreen and moisturizing.


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