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Home > Eye Plasty > Eye Beauty > Canthus Plasty > FAQ about Canthus Plasty
1 How much is canthus plasty ?
The price may vary a little based on your personal condition, but we will offer you the best price after suitable scheme is chosen for you., the price is determined by surgery way and doctors skills
2 Canthus plasty is safe or not ?
HANFEI hospital is one of most popular plastic surgery hospital in China
Top-leveled doctors with advanced equipment assure you a safe and satisfactory canthus plasty surgery
3 Is it painful to do canthus plasty ?
 Hanfei always puts customer’s interest first, we’ll use minimally-invasive method to do the surgery, and little pain or even no pain will you feel during the surgery.
4 How long it takes to recover of canthus plasty surgery ?
The recovery period may vary because of different surgery ways and customer’s physical condition. Various person may need various recovery time. normally take out stitches after surgery 5-7 days, reducing swelling need one month
5 Will there be any scar after recovery?
Hanfei always uses high-level equipment and experienced professional doctors to do the operation, there will not be obvious scars after surgery, and it may completely disappear with our best post-operative care.
6 What should I pay attention to before canthus plasty surgery ?
Do not drink alcohol, smoke cigarette or take medicine like aspirin or containing aspirin since two weeks away from the surgery, or any medicine that activates blood circulation.

7 Why doing canthus plasty ?
Single eyelids and tiny eyes look no spirit, it is difficult to makeup around eye, doing canthus plasty, Increasing the length and size of the eye at the same time, We will make big and pretty eyes like dolls.
8 What is canthus plasty ?
Eyes with short width or inner part covered by epicanthus are fixed with canthoplasty in Hanfei
9 How many types of canthoplasty ?
There are different types of canthoplasty including epicanthoplasty, lateral canthoplasty, and lateral hotz, of one canthoplasty doesn’t give you satisfying effect, you can have more than two types of canthoplasty in Hanfei to creat larger eyes.
10 What is advantages of Hanfei canthoplasty ?
A. Individual aesthetic design
Adhering to the concept of aesthetic standards of golden ratio. According to relationship of eye level, outer corner of eye and ratio of eyebrow. Customize individually for overall facial features.
B. Microscopic positioning makes hairbreadth
Professional equipment and doctors's delicate operation can reduce wound area, each step is controlled in millimeters. No surgical traces postoperatively.
C. Overall improvement
 Improves eyesight, resolves floppy double-fold eyelids and saggy corners of the eyes for patients have epicanthus and blepharophimosis
11 Could I wear glass after surgery ?
It is not advised to wear glass before eyes recover well, because eyes is sensitive after surgery, it is easy for infection, patient could not wear glass within one month, after recovery well, could wear glass
12. What should I pay attention to after canthus plasty surgery ?
After surgery, customers should protect the operated parts from water within a week, do not read newspapers or watch TV and avoid eating spicy foods. Eating more fruits and vegetables will help the healing process

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