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Home > Eye Plasty > Eye Beauty > Canthus Plasty > Opening the Outer Canthus
Opening the Outer Canthus
Opening the outer corners of the eye, also known as the outer canthus, is the external corner incision, refers to the operation to make the eyes bigger. It is a surgical method that corrects  some problems that eye's width is short and the operation of double eyelids can not be fully improved,or the tail of the eye is too upward, giving a very fierce impression。After the operation, you can feel the eye diameter is longer, and can also make the excessively upward eye tail drop.
Project characteristics
Those, who are not suitable for opening inner canthus because of narrow eye distance, can consider opening the outer corners.
Suitable for crowd
Those with bulgy eyeballs, sleepy eyes and fierce eyes; those who want eyelids to be more beautiful; those with congenital small eye; those with small eyes who wish to be corrected by surgery.
Project advantages
Effectively correct the short length of the eyes, the end of the eye is upturned; can effectively widen the eye cracks, make the eyes bigger, and the eye shape is long and beautiful.
Must read before surgery
1. Do not take aspirin-containing drugs within two weeks before surgery because aspirin will weaken the function of platelet coagulation;
2. Patients with hypertension and diabetes should inform the doctor at the time of initial diagnosis so that the doctor can confirm the surgical plan;
2. Patients with hypertension and diabetes should inform the doctor at the time of initial diagnosis ,so that the doctor can confirm the surgical plan;
3. Preoperative determination of physical health, no infectious diseases or other physical inflammation;
4. Do not make up before operation.
5. Women should avoid menstruation.
6. Smokers should quit smoking one week in advance.

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