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Home > Hair Transplant > Hair Plant > DOs & DONOTs after hair transplant
1. medicine
a: anti-inflamatory medicine 3times/day, 1pill/each time , 30 minutes after meal;
b: if feel painful the first day, there is one painkiller;
2. bleeding
It is normal phenomenon if there is bleeding. Use the gauze to press the bleeding area 3-5 minutes. if too serious, please come back to the hospital;
3. washing hair
come back to hospital the next day for disinfection and removing the gauze;
4 days later, you can wash the hair gently; pay attion to the water pressure. do NOT put your head under faucet directly;
4. Swelling
about 3 days later, it may be swelling, it is normal phenomenon;
Use higher, harder pillow for the first 3 days. Use ice compress can remit the swelling.
5. There will be some blood scab.  Do Not scab/crusta or remove it in the first 10 days. 10 days later, you can use a soft toothbrush to remove it gently;
6. No spicy food, seafood, beef, mutton,alcohol. Do Not do heavy, severe physical exercises, like running, swimming, basket ball. 
7. The hair will grow about 3 months later. Half a year later, many hair follicles grown up. The groth cycle is usually 3-12 month. 
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