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Home > Hair Transplant > Hair Plant > 7 colors Rainbow hair care

It is a non-surgical hair loss treatment which is mainly to keep scalp clean and healthy for hair follicles. The medicine is packaged in 7 colors of bottles like the rainbow, so it is called 7 colors rainbow hair care.

The colors:
1. Violet, desmosome breaker,  break the keratinocyte connection, suitable for all types of hair scalps;
2. Red, anti-microbial, including active anti-microbia ingredients,  can contains scalp diseases caused by  bacteria, suitable for alopecia seborrhoeica;
3. Orange, sebum Regulator, remove sebum and regulate sebum  secretion;
4. Yellow, scalp purifier,  gentle products expelling of toxin for scalp.
5. Green,  scalp protector, protect Sensitive scalp, protect scalp from contaminants
6. Blue, hair follicle stimulator, it contains DHT and some other factors which maitain hair follicles growth;
7. Indigo, scalp barrier repair and acidification therapy
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