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Hair loss due to health problems

1. Anemia
Iron deficiency can lead to anemia, red blood cells are reduced, blood oxygen levels in the scalp are also reduced, hair follicles are in a "hungry" state, eventually leading to hair loss slowly, scalp increasingly apparent.
It is recommended to drink juice and eat iron-rich foods to restore hair growth.
2. Eating disorders
Reducing food intake will lead to a decrease in scalp blood flow, which will affect the normal growth of hair, and in serious cases will lead to loss of luster or even hair loss.
Experts say that maintaining a balanced diet and taking in more protein.
3. Stress syndrome
When the pressure is high, the body releases of many hormones will affect the absorption of B vitamins and the deposition of hair pigments. Stress syndrome can lead to baldness when the immune system mistakenly attacks scalp cells, causing hair to fall off.
Expert advice: try to sleep at least 6 hours a day, and develop the habit of regular sleep. Pay attention to dietary nutrition, often eat foods rich in protein and trace elements, eat more vegetables, fruits, eat less greasy and sugary foods.

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