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Home > Hair Transplant > Hair Plant > Hair loss problems
Hair has its own life span. When it reaches a certain length, it will die of old age and fall off naturally. This is a normal phenomenon. Hair loss in this case is common to anyone, and it is often. Abnormal hair loss is due to the influence of hair growth. Hair growth needs nutrition, and nutrition is transported by blood. If a person is sick for a long time, weak body, lack of blood, and poor nutrition, the hair will fall off because of lack of nutrition and poor growth. Such people are prone to hair loss and more. This may be the reason why some people lose their hair sparsely after a serious illness.

People use their brains too much, or they often have heavy worries, boredom, or what happens, they are too nervous and their brains are in disorder. Some people encounter something too exciting, the brain is strongly stimulated, the spirit is very abnormal, sometimes overnight on the head of the hair off a large area, in fact, this is how to take off.

The reason of hair loss is related to nutrition, mental tension or sudden mental stimulation. You can check blood trace elements, and you should not always be in a state of mental stress.
Adequate sleep can promote the normal metabolism of the skin and hair, and the metabolic period is mainly at night, especially between 10 pm and 2 am. Try to sleep at least 6 hours a day, and develop the habit of regular sleep.

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