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Home > Breast Plasty > Breast Augmentation > Autologous Fat Breast Augmenta > Postoperative Care of Autologous Fat Breast Augmentation

Postoperative Care

Day 1-Day3   Severe swelling period
Recovery tips: there will be breast swelling, mild bruising; injection needle eye will have a little blood scab.
Nursing methods:
1. Apply Erythromycin ointment on injection site, no water, press, massage, hot bath, ice compress;
2. Postoperative infusion or prophylactic use of antibiotics for 3 days, lightly pressure wrap for 5-7 days to prevent inflammatory infection;
3. Return to the hospital to change medicine the second day after operation;
4.No alcohol and tobacco and spicy irritant food; Keep the operation site clean to prevent infection.
Day4-Day6    Rapid detumescence period
Recovery tips: slight pain at the liposuction site, gradual disappearance of swelling, obvious changes, basic absorption of bruising; the effect is not the final effect, wait patiently.
Nursing methods:
1. 72 hours after operation, apply heat compress to remove bruising, but not compression of the chest;
2. Do not press and massage the chest.
Day7    Remove the stitches
Recovery tip: remove stitches in the hospital in the 7th day (according to the doctor's advice due to different surgical methods).

Nursing methods: 
1. Keep the wound clean to prevent infection.
2. No water on the wound within 24 hours after removal of thread;
3. Do not rub the wound, but smear scar ointment to desalinate scar;
4. Pay attention to have light diet, but no fasting spicy and irritant food.
Day8-Day15    Duration of swelling reduction
Recovery tips: swelling gradually absorbed, the effect is from obvious to good.

Nursing methods: 
1. Wear plastic clothes 1-3 months on liposuction parts,  sleep on your back as far as possible, and do not squeeze the chest;
2. Replace elastic clothing after stitches removal, and wear it all day.
Day16-Day30   Tissue recovery period
Recovery tips: the transplanted fat survive and the effect is basically stable.
Nursing methods: 
1. Within one month after operation, avoid squeezing and pressing;
2. One month after the operation, no smoking, alcohol, spicy, seafood and other irritant food;
3. Vitamin E can be taken orally to promote survival.
Day31-Day90   Stable effect period
Recovery tips: the effect is stable, showing a better state.
Nursing methods: no need of special care; If the effect is unsatisfactory, it can be filled twice.

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