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Home > Breast Plasty > Breast Augmentation > Autologous Fat Breast Augmenta > Autologous breast augmentation simultaneously achieves lipos
Autologous breast augmentation is a kind of method that extracts fat particles from the fat thick
parts of the body such as the waist, abdomen, hips and legs and transplants them to the chest.

It removes excess fat from the breast augmentation person with a fine needle, activates and purifies
it into pure fat granules, and evenly injects into the breast augmentation area through micro-tube
needles to make it survive. No surgery, no bleeding, the effect of breast enhancement is true and natural, 
it can achieve the effect of slimming and body shaping at the same time.

The basic principle of autologous fat augmentation is transplant excess fat cells from other parts of the
body into the chest, let the fat cells grow again, and integrate with the chest tissue of the body to make
the breast full and shape. Essentially, the fat cells of their own grow in place, which is equivalent to the
secondary development of the breast. Because it is your own fat cells transplant, so there is no rejection
reaction, which fundamentally guarantees the safety of surgery.

Multi-point multi-level Three-dimensional injection breast
Multi-level and multi-point injection: each autologous cell can be fully contacted with the corresponding
chest tissue, so that the cells can obtain more nutrients, and the fat survival rate is correspondingly improved.
Three-dimensional injection: fat is injected in front of the pectoralis major and behind the mammary gland
so it does not affect the normal breastfeeding of the childbearing.

1. The fat survival rate is high.
2. The probability of cell infection is reduced and hidden danger is avoided.
3. The operation is permanent, relieve the worries.
4. There is no safety hazard in the absence of rejection of self-fat.
5. It is not easy to be found. The procedure only left two tiny pinholes in the concealed area, which
was not obvious after three days.
6. The operation time is short, which reduces the pain of the recipient, provides a prerequisite for
the survival of fat, shortens the operation time under anesthesia, and is conducive to the recovery
of the recipient.

1. The chest is flat or the breasts are sagging, but have more fat on the waist and abdomen and
the lower body.
2. Congenital or acquired (trauma, burns, drug use) body soft tissue dysplasia.
3. A certain part of the body is asymmetrical in circumference and volume.
4. The body needs to be injected into the transplant part due to non-fibrous contraction factors
caused by local depression.
5. In addition to the chest III degree relaxation and sagging.
6. Healthy, no acute and chronic diseases.

Recovery period
The recovery period of autologous fat breast enhancement is related to personal physique
Everyone's physique is different, and there is a difference in recovery time! If the physique is better,
the recovery period after surgery will be relatively shorter. If the physique is relatively poor, the
postoperative recovery period will also be longer!
The recovery period of autologous fat breast enlargement is related to post-operative care
After breast augmentation surgery, the recovery of the surgery will be faster if the nursing work is
done well! Without the nursing work, the recovery period of the surgery may be longer, and there
may be some other problems!
The recovery period of autologous breast enlargement is related to the number of operations
Autologous breast augmentation can not achieve a good effect only once, it may take two or three
times! The difference in the number of times, there will be some difference in the recovery time after
surgery! As long as the nursing work is done well after the operation, the recovery period of breast
augmentation surgery does not take a long time and does not effect normal work and study!

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