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Home > Breast Plasty > Breast Augmentation > Autologous Fat Breast Augmenta > Breast Augmentation of Autologous Fat and Advantages
 Breast Augmentation of Autologous Fat 
Breast augmentation of autologous fat is a kind of breast augmentation operation that fat particles are transplanted from fat rich parts like waist, abdomen, buttocks and legs to the chest. Surgery will suck out the excess fat of the breast augmentation person with a fine needle, activate it into pure fat granules, and inject it into the breast augmentation area through the micro-tube needle to make it survive. No knife, no bleeding, breast enlargement effect is real and natural, while achieving the effect of weight loss and body-building.
1. After breast augmentation with autologous fat, the breast feels very real and natural without any abnormal feeling, and the skin of the breast is delicate and smooth, which is acceptable to many people.
2. There will be no harm or rejection if we use our own fat as breast enlargement material, and there will be no problem for our future life including breast-feeding.
3.  Breast augmentation of autologous fat does not change the endocrine system of human body. people don't need to worry about the danger of this operation. This kind of breast augmentation operation is very good compared with others.
4. Autologous fat breast enlargement has only one needle hole which is very small. It is not as troublesome as traditional surgery. The  traditional operation needs to use a knife ,which is not only dangerous, but also prone to scar.
5. This operation uses autologous tissue as breast augmentation material, so autologous fat breast augmentation people will not have immune response to autologous fat tissue injected into the body, and  there are no any rejection reactions. Autologous fat breast augmentation operation  can also play a role in weight loss and shaping a beautiful curve for those with more local fat accumulation. The operation  can kill two birds with one stone.
6.  The breast with fat transplantation feels soft, the shape is real and the  skin is delicate. For the psychological feelings of women and their partners, the true feelings of enlarged breasts with autologous fat transplantation are better, so autologous fat breast augmentation operation is more acceptable to people.

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