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Home > Breast Plasty > Breast Augmentation > Autologous Fat Breast Augmenta > What bra should I wear after breast augmentation?
Silicon implant breast augmentation and autologous fat breast augmentation
Breast augmentation surgery mainly includes silicon implant breast augmentation and autologous fat breast augmentation. What is the difference between them?
Silicon implant breast augmentation is to implant the prosthesis material under the mammary gland or the pectoralis major muscle through the axillary or areola incision, so as to achieve the purpose of breast augmentation through the surgical method. After continuous development, its technology has become more mature.
The basic principle of autologous fat breast augmentation is that excess fat cells from any part of the body are transplanted and injected into the breast. The fat cells re-grow and merge with the breast tissue to make the breast plump.

What Bra should I wear after autologous fat breast augmentation?
The postoperative recovery of autologous fat breast augmentation is fast, and underwear can be worn after surgery. But it is recommended not to wear underwear with a steel ring for a few months after surgery, so as not to press the breast and deform it.

It is best to choose seamless and loose underwear to give the fat of the breast an adaptation process. After the autologous fat breast augmentation effect is stable, you can wear underwear normally.

What bra should I wear after silicon implant breast augmentation?
Wear the "full cover, no underwire" bra recommended by the doctor within one week after surgery, and do not take it off to avoid displacement of the prosthesis.

One week to three months after surgery: After breast augmentation surgery, there will be a period of swelling, which will last for about a week, and then the swelling will slowly disappear. The stitches can be removed after a week. After the stitches are removed, you need to wear professional shaping underwear to help shape a more beautiful breast shape. Don't wear it when sleeping, it can make the breast shape natural as soon as possible.

After one year, you can wear any style of bra you like.

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