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Home > Anti-age Rejuvenation > PPDO Line Carving Lift > FAQ about the PPDO Line Carving Lift
1. When shall I start to receive the PPDO Line Carving Lift?
Many people think the PPDO Line Carving Lift is an anti-aging item which can be received after 35 years old. Actually, you can begin to take it when you have droopy skin in your twenties. For example, some fat people may have drooping skin after they suddenly become slim.   
2. Will the PPDO Line Carving Lift make the face sagging?
Absolutely no. The aging of fat and muscle tissue begins at one's age of 20 with slight downward movement, and if you start to take the PPDO Line Carving Lift at 25, you can put them back in position. Take another treatment after some period, and the "check for omissions" of each treatment can make the fat and muscle tissue a little bit more homing to prevent seriously droopy skin. So if you keep the treatment, you'll look younger than your peers.
3. Which parts can the PPDO Line Carving Lift be applied to?
It can be applied to the whole face lift.
4. Can the PPDO Line Carving Lift be applied to improve the sagging face caused by much facial fat?  
Yes, it can. But meanwhile it also depends. For instance, if someone has a fat face, it may be due to the fat, the skeleton or the big masseter. Then we should take targeted solutions for each of the conditions instead of talking about whether the PPDO Line Carving Lift is useful for the face fatness.  
Yes, the PPDO Line Carving Lift can solve the problem of drooping resulting from fatness, but cannot solve the problem of obesity.
5. If there are 10 levels of pain with Level 10 the most painful, how painful is the PPDO Line Carving Lift?
If the pain level of double eyelid surgery is 1, then the pain level of the PPDO Line Carving Lift is just 1 to 1.5. It doesn't hurt at all when one is having the lift, but we recommend a comfortable anaesthesia which is not a sleep anaesthesia as the comfortable anaesthesia allows one to have a lucid conversation, which is just like kind of being drunk.
6. Will there be any wound left after the PPDO Line Carving Lift?
Yes, there will be wounds in size of pinholes on the skin surface after the treatment, but they will recover in 24 to 48 hours.   
7. How long can the effect of one treatment time of the PPDO Line Carving Lift last for?
The shallow PPDO lines can play a certain role of wrapping and lifting after being embedded into face skin for one month while the deep PPDO lines will play a stronger role in about three months.
Deep PPDO lines begin to degrade 180 days or so after the treatment. The effect of each time of treatment can last two to three years.
8. Can the PPDO Line Carving Lift be done together with injection items and laser items?
Injection and laser items can be taken 2 weeks after the PPDO Line Carving Lift. Theoretically, you don't need to be too cautious about it. As long as the postoperative safety periods of each item are over, there is no conflict between any item.   
9. Can I massage the face after the PPDO Line Carving Lift? 
Do not have massage in one month as it will hurt when massaging. Three months later, you can have massage even with strength since the lines have been integrated into the skin.
10. Why do thread residues emerge from the skin after the PPDO Line Carving Lift? And how to tackle such condition?
It is mostly because of improper nursing beyond the doctor's advice after the operation. If this happens, immediately go to the hospital and receive relevant treatment that the thread residues are usually cut off after strict disinfection.
11. What side effects can occur after the PPDO Line Carving Lift?
It can lead to several complications of which the first one is local hematoma. Such complication will be recovered in 2 to 3 weeks. The second one is local edema which commonly occurs where the skin is thin or where the lines are relatively thick.  
The third one is the exposure of thread residues which is also a normal phenomenon. And the last one is the collapse or rupture of the lines that is rarely seen.
12. Are there any considerations after the PPDO Line Carving Lift?
a. Follow doctor's instructions to take antibiotics or anti-inflammatory drugs.
b. Apply continuous ice compress once the needle mouth gets reddened or bruised.  
c. There may be strong sensation of foreign body which will disappear one month later.
d. Don't make a big face or laugh in several weeks as these may make you have the feeling of skin pulling. And avoid massaging or pressing the face with hands or in other means.
e. Have followup visit in a week or two weeks so that your doctor will discuss the overall effect of the treatment.
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