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PPDO Line Carving Face Lift

Conventional wrinkle removal generally will be done by surgery for subcutaneous dissection, excess skin resection, and then suture to achieve therapeutic lifting effects. The PPDO line carving technique directly lifts the skin by implanting collagen threads. Although the line carving technique adopts the method of implantation, it is not the same as the principle of general injection and filling of wrinkle removal products. Generally, the injection products are used to smooth the facial wrinkles by filling. The thread carving is to implant the thread  of absorbable protein into the body parts that need to be lifted, improving the phenomenon of wrinkles, sagging and by lifting the skin. I can be more effective in other parts of the body, maintaining the shape and young state.

After a certain age, the most common aging state are tear grooves, nasolabial folds caused by sagging apple muscle and puppet wrinkles on the corners of the mouth. The wrinkles are caused by the loss of collagen, which makes the skin lose its firmness, and the facial tissue accumulates in these three parts along the important hanging ligaments.Especially when there is too much fat on the side of the mouth, the fat will falls on both sides of the cheek due to gravity, which makes the appearance look older. Skin improvement: skin tightening, pore shrinking, brightening and whitening.

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