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Home > Anti-age Rejuvenation > PPDO Line Carving Lift > Notes after PPDO thread lifting

Notes after PPDO thread lifting

1. Don't get wet

In the five days after the thread lifting, you should pay attention not to let the face, especially wound, get wet. If the wound accidentally gets wet, it may result in infection. Therefore, in the five days after the thread lifting, you can't wash your face or your hair, let alone use the facial cleanser. If you really want to wash your face, you can do basic cleaning by rolling the water cotton stick back and forth in the dirty place, but you should pay attention to avoiding touching the wound.

2. Ice compress

In the first three days after the thread lifting, you must have ice compress often. Ice compress can shrink capillaries and eliminate swelling after the treatment. The ice  can be smashed into smaller pieces and then the ice pack can be folded 90 degrees directly and placed in uncomfortable areas of the skin, which can eliminate edema and hematoma.

3. More rest

Good rest is also very important for recovery. Do not stay up late after the treatment, because staying up late will lead to poor recovery of the wound and may affect the shape. If you stay up late, it will cause a burden on your body, and it will also be detrimental to the recovery. Every day, you should also ensure adequate sleep time, go to bed early and get up early, so that the wounds will recover faster.

4. Avoid exaggerated expressions

During the recovery period (at least a week), avoid exaggerated expressions such as laughing and crying, and avoid kneading area that has been done by the thread lifting. You need to avoid exaggerated expressions because the thread hasn't been stable, if you make some exaggerated expressions and knead the wound, it will easily affect the lifting effect. Therefore, to avoid emotional overexcitement, do not make some exaggerated facial expressions.


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