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Home > Anti-age Rejuvenation > PPDO Line Carving Lift > Post treatment care of PPDO line lift
 Post treatment care

1. Do not squeeze the face after the operation, do not rub and massage the face, No exfoliation or facial treatment for 2 weeks. Gently clean the face with warm water.  

2. The week after the operation, the pinholes should not be stained with water, and the antibiotic ointment should be applied daily.

3. Sleep on your back and not on your stomach.

4. Take antibiotics orally for 3-5 days to prevent infection.

5. No oral administration of collagen (Thread lifting is to activate collagen production, so oral administration can cause fast apoptosis of neonatal tissues due to imbalance and degeneration).

6. Do not make up immediately after the protein line is lifted, and the chemical components in the cosmetic can be easily immersed in the wound, resulting in infection. Make-up and make-up removal can easily lead to the displacement of buried thread and the exposure of thread.

7. Stabilize new collagen fibers twice daily with ACMETEA.

8. There may be redness or bruising at the entrance of the needle, which can be improved by continuous ice compress. Massage is strictly prohibited. No bowing, no strenuous exercise, no sauna steaming, and no facial expression can be too large.

9. The first three days after the procedure, the skin will feel the pain while touching. Massage is strictly prohibited. No bowing, no strenuous exercise, no sauna steaming, and no facial expression can be too large.

10. Do not drink alcohol within one month after the procedure. Do not eat seafood, spicy or irritant food.

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