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Home > Anti-age Rejuvenation > PPDO Line Carving Lift > How amazing is the PPDO thread face lift?
PPDO thread face lift is a popular anti-aging procedure for people of all ages. In fact, aging is not terrible. Wrinkles and sagging skin are not terrible. Let's take a look at the PPDO thread face lift.

How amazing is the PPDO thread face lift? PPDO thread face lift can remove wrinkles, lift and tighten skin, and regenerate collagen.

PPDO thread face lift is to embed medical absorbable suture (PPDO protein thread) into the SMAS layer between subcutaneous fat and muscle. By stimulating the aging skin, it can achieve the purpose of lifting the muscle, tightening the skin, improving wrinkles and so on.

The embedded thread will be naturally absorbed by the human body, and it is almost non-invasive after the operation, with a short recovery period and immediate effect.

Advantages of PPDO thread face lift
Epidermal layer - brighten the skin
It can promote micro-circulation of local tissues, strengthen cell regeneration and tissue repair ability, fill skin with moisture, moisturize and brighten the overall color of the skin and improve pigmentation.
Dermal layer - collagen regeneration
It can penetrate deep into the dermis layer and act as a scaffold for cell growth, stimulate collagen regeneration and elastic fiber reorganization, and regenerate connective tissue scaffold for lasting support. At the same time, the skin is restored to elasticity and fine lines disappear.

Subcutaneous tissue - full of support
The PPDO line is used to construct a three-dimensional network, which can support the collapsed subcutaneous tissue, promote the subcutaneous blood circulation, and make the skin rosy and glossy.
SMAS fascia - deep lifting
It can tightly grasp the loose SMAS fascia layer of the skin, tighten it from the deep layer, and make the skin fully lift, fold and restore to the original young state. The effect is natural.

Ligament structure - tight elasticity
PPDO thread is used as an artificial ligament to solve the problem of slack in the original ligament, and gradually increase the elasticity with time.
Muscle layer - reduction and fixation
It can lift the SMAS layer and fix the muscle layer together.

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